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It has been in my mind for years that an entrepreneur can only be successful if he is able to learn and grow with his company. In English and other languages, there is a lot of literature and articles on how to build a successful business, but relatively little is available in Hungarian and tailored to the Hungarian context. This is why I launched my first course in 2020, “Raising Capital for Startups”. On the one hand, to share with others the knowledge that I have learnt from building companies and angel investing, and on the other hand, because no one has ever told me this before, knowing the Hungarian context. Since then, the Capital Raising has been followed by many other courses, and we are well on the way to making our dream come true and STRT not only an investment company but also a knowledge centre, creating a new standard for entrepreneurship.

As a further step towards this goal, we are pleased to announce the launch of the STRT Academy today! Under this new name, we are turbocharging many of our old and new activities.

As a first step, we created our Knowledge Repository, which provides free, searchable access to our now growing body of shared professional material. And what could be a better start-up gift than to have access to the full 13 hours of videos of my first course, “Raising Capital for Startups”, for free! The gross market value of this course alone is 160.000 Ft. Go to the Knowledge Base!

As a second step, we will soon launch the STRT Academy Membership Programme, which will provide our monthly subscribers with a comprehensive executive training programme. Each month, we focus on one leadership theme. The monthly package includes a 3-hour live video training (with me), 1 joint interactive online workshop with our invited speakers, an exclusive studio discussion with successful business leaders, monthly thematic self-compiled worksheets, and a selection of our relevant recorded video content. And most importantly, you can meet in person every month for a private club night. The May programme starts on 15 May and is free until the end of the month in exchange for a Knowledge Base registration.

We are spending this week in Transylvania, I will be stopping and lecturing in several places. The timetable is still being organised, you can find out more on my social channels. What is certain:
Monday (May 8) Launching course in Odorheiu Secuiesc (Full!)Tuesday-Wednesday (May 9-10) Turbo charging for business leaders in Odorheiu SecuiescThursday morning 8:00 (May 11) Business vitamin business breakfast at HBC. The theme is artificial intelligence and digital trends. (Sold out!)Thursday (11 May) Creative Cluj Evening at 18:00 at the Planetarium. (Sold out!)Friday afternoon at 15:00 (12 May) lecture in Oradea, at the Ceremonial Hall of the Partium Christian University. The theme is innovation, agility and a culture of failure. Register here.
Hope to see you at one of the stations!

Summer Supercharging for Business Leaders v2
If you already have a company and want to take it to the next level, this is the place for you!
30 June. and 2 July. we are looking forward to welcoming you and your family with an interactive three-day course at the Premium Hotel Panorama in Siofok. If you’ve already taken a Turbocharging course, you’ll still find this event useful, if only for the great company, but of course we’ve also revised the course material. Among other topics, there will be talks on goals, dreams, delegation, time management, burnout, brand, marketing, money, strategy and one of the most exciting topics of today, AI and ChatGPT.
And if you haven’t had a Turbocharge yet, it’s time 🙂
Don’t miss out, places are limited. Sign up today!

Petya Balogh and the STRT team

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