Balogh Petya

Péter Balogh, Petya

Chief Executive Officer

#software #entrepreneur #programmer #strategist #dreamer #technologist

The ones I used to do, back in the day:

  • I’ve been programming since I was seven
  • I left university and never once regretted it
  • At 19, I thought I was an entrepreneur, but it turns out I was building startups that failed
  • Nokia WiFi products – 1999-2002 – I was involved in the development of the first generations of wireless networks.
  • PDAmill – founder, owner, CEO – 2000-2006 – one of the first mobile games companies, with dozens of international awards.
  • NNG aka NavNGo aka iGO my way – co-founder, owner, CTO, CSO, CEO – 2004-2015 – global navigation company with 800+ employees, ~$100m revenue.

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • Hungarian tech startups: I believe that the fate of a country is determined in the long term by its entrepreneurs and companies. I love entrepreneurs, which is why I am one of the founders of Startup Hungary.
  • Knowledge transfer: I am happy to tell you about the journey so far and my experiences. Whether it’s TV, radio, Tweets, a newspaper interview, Facebook Live, a guest article, a company leadership workshop, a university lecture or a conference.
  • Shark Tank on RTL: I’m super proud to be part of it as one of the Sharks.
  • STRT | Rising Together: you’re on the right page!

Mária Balogh-Mázi , Maja

Chief Marketing Officer

#software #programmer #team builder #creative #projectmanager #PMP #shark

The ones I used to do, back in the day:

  • Statlogics – As one of the first team members, I was involved in the development of large banking systems as a programmer and later as a project manager for financial institutions such as OTP, Rusfinance in Russia, ProstoFinance in Ukraine and Bank of Georgia in Georgia. It was a startup in today’s terms and we made it to the exit.

  • Dorsum
    – main profile is the development of securities trading systems, but I am also responsible for projects such as
    OTP Smartbroker
    or the
    Hungarian Post app
  • Black belt project leader since 2012 (
    ), as a project manager I have usually led teams of 10-20 people on projects worth hundreds of millions of forintsI used to do:
  • Management of DreamJo.bs, a new generation job portal

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • To keep everything moving and organised
  • Let the world know about us
  • Our little daughter, Panni

Vivien Gazdag, Vivi

Office manager

#every #administrator #precise #punctual #reliable #yoga #teacher #coach

The ones I used to do, a long time ago:

  • I did a degree in political science… then life took me in a different direction
  • I worked as a sales assistant in a four-star hotel in Siofok
  • I am responsible for the office administration of the new generation job portal DreamJo.bs, mail administration, contact management.
  • I manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of BaConsult Kft & STRT, I also receive guests, make appointments with professionals and assist the daily work of the Management.
  • Fulfilling all requests that facilitate the workflow, providing/acquiring necessary tools
  • I’ve worked in hospitality, call centres, and by the time I found sport, I was able to perform to the best of my ability in the workplace

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • Organising my many new tasks, keeping up with the fast-paced world 🙂
  • Preparation of STRT office renovation plans
  • Participation in the organisation of company events
  • Conscious lifestyle, health
  • Performing the marketing activities of a yoga studio
  • Building an even wider client base as a yoga teacher & coach

Vivien Hóka-Plank

Finance Assistant

#Practical #Employer #Economist #Investor #CreativeFinance #CreativeFinance

The ones I used to do, a long time ago:

  • At DreamJo.bs, a next generation job portal, I was responsible for the day-to-day financial tasks, preparing statements, managing contracts and liaising with stakeholders.
  • E2 Hungary Zrt. In the Energy Efficiency Department, I was responsible for the design and reporting of the entire financial processes.
  • Over the past 16 years, I have been exposed to the often exciting world of work in a variety of industries

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • Getting to know the world of Startups
  • Lifestyle change
  • Time management 😉
  • My always spinning little boy and the wildest dinosaur names

Andrea Kozma, Andi

Chief Portfolio Officer

#Business_Consciousness #Creative_Thinker #Creative_Educator #Cultural_Connections #Initiative_Knowledge #Innovative_Entrepreneur #Considerate_Executive #Mindful_Maker

The ones I used to do, back in the day:

  • Lawyer at Squire Sanders & Dempsey
  • Legal Director at Central European Media Enterprises (London)
  • HBO Central Europe Legal Director
  • Legal Director and Acting CEO at TV3 Hungary
  • Director of CEU InnovationsLab
  • Strategic thinker in a multicultural startup, corporate and academic environment

Things that keep me busy these days:

  • Venture capital, early-stage start-up development and growth business opportunities
  • Raising my three children, all things music, theatre

Péter Langmár, Peták

Chief Investment Officer

#entrepreneur #risk-taker #trying #education #IT #hardware

The ones I used to do, back in the day:

  • After studies in art, design and media theory, and a career as a cultural manager, a Paris-based incubator, Artscience Lab, steered me towards start-ups.
  • Except for an internship, I had no job, only my own company. Maybe STRT is my first real job 😀
  • Brickflow – My first SAAS company, lived 4 years. We learned our first lessons.
  • Lab.Coop Group – After the closure of Brickflow, most of the team stayed together and built a digital product development agency with startup and scaleup clients. It grew into the Green Fox Academy and SmartWare.tech
  • Green Fox Academy – One of the leading IT bootcamps in the region, with over 2000 students in three countries and a large corporate client base. Recently
    Retrieved from
    by a private equity fund.

  • SmartWare.tech
    – Seed investment company focused on hardware startups.

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • Social business, impact investment
  • Financing, investment transactions and business development
  • Stay at home and participate in building a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem in the market
  • I’m back in school, sometimes for CEU Executive MBA, sometimes for stock market training
  • Mountain biking, kayaking, hiking
  • Lego and texting with my sons

Ádám Molnár

Chief Education Officer

#startupper #hacker #systems #network

Startupper, technologist and active manager of workshops, community and mentoring programmes, in addition to developing information structures and processes to support scalability.

István Nagy

Chief Financial Officer

#ExcellentFinancialLeaders #IFRS #USGAAP #CFO #StrategicThinking #Responsible #GlobalLiving #CreativeSolutions #Experience

The ones I used to do, a long time ago:

  • As a senior consultant at Deloitte, I was involved in M&A advisory, due diligence and strategic finance work.
  • At A.R. Tapes, I created a complete transformation program by reorganizing production and optimizing the company’s sales and business relationships.
  • As a senior finance manager at Multipolaris Ltd, I managed and developed finance activities such as accounting, tax, FP&A, financial instruments, etc.
  • At NNG LLC, as Chief Financial Officer, I was responsible for investor (founders and PE) and board relations with shareholders.

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • Supervising the audit and taxation of financial accounting (IFRS and local GAAPs such as US, Chinese, Japanese, Israeli and Hungarian GAAPs).
  • Overseeing the management of budgets, forecasts and various analytical processes.

András P. Tóth

Chief Technology Officer

#seriesentrepreneur #tech #education

The ones I used to do, a long time ago:

  • Breeze
    – first international project of my life – I’ve been programming since I was 11, we started a Commodore64 demoscene team of teenagers in 3 countries

  • Fruit store
    – my first successful exit – I was the founder of a web hosting company and led the growth team from 0 to 8000 customers, then we were bought by Websupport.sk

  • Schönherz College
    – in addition to my studies in computer science at BME, I have helped the integration of freshmen as a “senior” for many years, I founded and led a number of volunteer groups
  • Invisible University – students and young adults teaching other students and young adults life skills, such as. Time management, stress management, personal finance – again, I led the organisation from 0 to 100 people as founder

  • YearCompass
    – a free downloadable booklet to close the previous year and plan for the next, now in 53 languages – the most memorable product-market-fit experience of my life is linked to this, I volunteered here for years as founder and head of the growth team
  • ABF Informatika – we did healthcare software for large companies, I led the “new product research” part where we tested 29 business ideas over 2 years

  • CodeBerry Programming School
    – my first startup – we taught people to program in their native language, I was the founder and head of the growth team.

Things that keep me busy lately:

  • I’m a jack of all trades in the STRT in education and IT
  • My family: my wife Zsófi and our son Marci
  • Discover the cafés of Szentendre
  • At night, I do recreational coding as a recreational activity