Knowledge Programme

We believe that the main driver of a company’s growth is the rapid development and learning of its founders and managers. So we add much more value to our money than most investors. Lectures, workshops, mentoring, coaching – we’ll do our best to make sure that what little time you have to learn is useful and valuable.

The world has an infinite amount of knowledge available on all subjects, including startups. But while half of the US literature is super relevant and important, the other half is completely misleading, as it requires a completely different set of skills to start a business in the US than in Hungary. We also believe that the availability of ‘home-grown’, mother-tongue knowledge is an integral part of an entrepreneurial culture. That’s why one of our most important missions is to share as much knowledge as possible on our subject in Hungarian. Some we can share for free, some we can share for money, and some we can only share efficiently and safely with our portfolio companies.

We have put together a package of the many different elements we are already doing and plan to launch in the coming months. This is the STRT Knowledge Programme. We give it to the companies we invest in, alongside our money. Some parts will soon be available to companies outside our portfolio on a subscription model.

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