The Launchpad program​

The Goal​

Our program is for early-stage startups. Some of you may be in the idea phase, some others might already have an early version of the product. In either case, we want you to focus on your individual achievable goal during the program aiming to either develop a better version of your product or secure your first customer or become investment ready. The intense 3 months are designed to bring decades of founder experience from people who have been there and have done it. We want to single out the projects with the highest potential and we want to invest in them.

The program

We invite those founders to our program who have big ambitions and are committed to working on their project full-time during the program.
The program starts with a 3 days onboarding session. This will allow you to get to know your cohort members, the projects in the cohort, your mentors, the tools we use, and the office area where we will work. The cohort will be split into smaller groups of teams, which will provide a platform for you to share your experience. Our weekly stand-up sessions will be used to discuss project progress and to set the stage for the following week’s sprint guided by an experienced entrepreneur or investor. During the program, the program director, the mentors, and experts will have regular office hours, which you can use to discuss individual or team roadblocks. The last week of the program will be used to prepare you for the DemoDay and we will organize practice pitch sessions throughout the week.

Industries in focus

We welcome projects from any industry in our program, but we are particularly intrigued by the opportunities triggered by the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and the Chat GPT, as well as solutions that address the challenges of environmental sustainability. Our expert Entrepreneurs in Residence will guide projects in these areas. Meet Marton Bati (Sustanability) and Akos Deliaga (AI) resident entrepreneurs.

Your networking opportunity

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to participate in networking events organized by our partners.

Meet your customers

We help founders to test their first customers on platforms such as Brancs.

Mentors and Group leads - office hours​​

Your Group Lead mentors will facilitate the weekly stand-up sessions within your smaller group. Each team will have a dedicated mentor who will work with them throughout the program. In addition, a pool of experts will be available throughout the program with whom you can schedule individual weekly mentoring sessions.

The DemoDay​

During the last week of the program, we will be practicing pitches with the help of presentation and speech coaches in preparation for our final event, the DemoDay. During DemoDay you will present your startup in front of a group of selected investors, mentors, and experts.


Program Director and program management team

Program director, Co-Founder,
Group Lead

Building a successful startup is about identifying opportunities and acting on them. Keep being in conversation with your customers and build what they want to buy.

Group Lead

Radical honesty and transparency.

Entrepreneur in Residence,
Group Lead

As a practicing CEO and a father of 3 small kids, my time is extremely scarce and valuable. I still chose to become a resident entrepreneur and group leader in this great program as I live by the #givefirst attitude. You can expect me to be committed, attentive, direct with my feedback, authentic and demanding. I’d like to work with entrepreneurs who are self-driven, who want to achieve tangible impact and who have high ambitions. Let’s enjoy the ride as well.

Entrepreneur in Residence,
Group Lead

A successful startupper’s motivation is not the cool office or the flexible hours, but the challenge to solve unknown and unexpected issues.


Program coordinator

Our mentors


Innovation Management Expert & Professional MazeRunner

Every idea is worth as much as we can leverage out of it. I love challenging the ideas and the way how the teams would like to generate value for their clients through services or products specifically when they use or support the usage of AI in new fields.


Marketing Consultant / Founder of GrowGrow.AT​​

Your business needs smart marketing: Make good use of data to develop solid marketing fundamentals, and execute in an outstanding manner. Differentiate, and add value to customers. Measure what matters.

CEO @​

It is an awesome feeling when you put something together that works and solves a problem more efficiently than ever before, making the life of many people easier. Call it product development, consulting, problem solving, startup building – I am into this kind of stuff.




A new product or svc must solve somebody’s problem.

Let’s explore together Your one is really up to that so with adding all necessary ops ingredients You will thrive!

SmartPV Business
Development Serbia and
Hungary Region –
Executive MBA

It is easy to have a good idea. The key toward success is to have an A team to execute it. 

and CEO
DARE Innovations

I am passionate to work with deeptech start-ups and help them nurture strong business fundamentals, forge an exceptional team, and embrace the power of collaborations to fuel their innovation journey.


Let’s create your powerful Pitch Deck together that opens most Investors’ doors and lays down the foundation of cooperation.

Pragmatic-Thinking Mentor
with experience
in startups
and multinationals

My goal is to offer insights rooted in real-world best practices, use cases, and examples. By aligning these with your specific challenges, I aim to empower you to make effective and informed decisions. And a project is only considered complete when the proposed solutions are seamlessly integrated into daily operations.


Country Leader

at 3M


Integrity first, the rest will follow



Service designer


You should ask your target group for feedback on your ideas as soon as possible. For this, you need to build a rapid prototype, which makes your concept testable. Each prototype test will bring new questions and new perspectives to your team’s work. In this way, you can deepen the concept, or you can iterate in a more marketable direction.

Founder at
Cydrill Software

On the quest for finding eternal youth (of mind) business veterans like myself often engage an activity called mentoring. It’s unclears whether it is a social activity, a process or a passionate connection to some creative ideas. One thing for sure, the outcome is a lot of learning. Who is benefitting whether the mentee or te mentor is yet to be found out.


Kiszely co-founder,
Abilit Matrix
Innovation Consulting

First ponder, then dare! Passionate about overcoming the pain of building the right product for the right markets. Before joining AbilityMatrix, gained 20 years experience alternating between startups and enterprises around Europe in innovation go-to-market-related roles.


Watch carefully – most things you only see once in its current form.

Alexander Roth
Management Consultant
at AlixPartners / ex-CEE
Investment Banking
at J.P. Morgan

Looking forward to being your sparring partner in making your ideas come true by building a business around it. Living in Frankfurt — the capital of the European financial industry — I can help you connect the dots to a wider market early on and thereby thinking globally from the beginning. An engineer myself I’m passionate about the forefront of tech. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Customer Experience
Driver | Marketing
Leader |
Program Manager |​

Passionate to create best in class propositions and put customer experience on first place by utilizing customer insights and service design methods. Having a strong sense to strategy development with desire of excellence in execution.


Just think too hard and even the simplest problem can become insolvable…


Be simple, be focused, learn and improve, than watch something new beeing born.

Partner and Associate
Director at Boston
Consulting Group

I have been advising major financial institutions’ executives about technology and organizational transformation for 25 years across 25 countries. I am trained on dozens of post-merger integration projects, hundreds of presentations, thousands of slides, and countless hours of expert discussions. Build your prompt to start downloading…

All Things Great
and Digital | Strategist |
SEO | Social –
Ex Apple

Walid o.el
For Life

Walid is an expert in pitching and early-stage traction development for startups. He coached over 100k people in 34 countries & 63 cities.

DA Analytics Ltd.​

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.


Founder of ProptechZoom / Proptech Hungary

Have you considered the quantifiable and positive social or environmental influence of your actions, particularly within the context of the real estate sector’s substantial challenges and prospects? The opportunity is there…


This program is for teams who can dedicate their time fully to their project. Many projects start as an “after office hours project” until the founders feel ready to take the leap to fully dedicate themselves to the project. If you are not at that point yet, keep working on your project and apply when you are ready. In the meantime please feel free to register at the @STRT Academy, which provides lots of startup development related educational material.

Yes. In this case we will require that you set up a Hungarian Kft, we will take care of the legal work and costs.
We invest in any company that is set up in an EFTA member jurisdiction or in a US State.
We believe that teams always do better then individuals, no matter how talented they may be. Developing a new product where there is no proven path, you will need many skills and more then a pair of hands. Coming as a team shows that you are willing and can work as a team. Show us that there are more people then yourself who share your vision.
It is absolutely not necessary. Some teams prefer home office and you will need to do a lot of errands around your project, your potential customer, stakeholders anyway.  It is a place which is at your disposal, and it is also an opportunity to connect with peers. We will require that your team show up in whole at the weekly stand ups.
This program is offline, so you will actually need to be in Budapest for this program. Our @STRT Academy provides online learning materials for teams who are looking for remote learning opportunities.
The language of  the program is English. If you can read and understand English and join-in group discussions, you will be fine. You may want to use the time before the program to catch up on your language skills. Our @STRT Academy