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A lot has happened since we were founded at the beginning of the year. We’ve launched our free Knowledge Base, started the STRT Academy, held

El-STRT-olt the Knowledge Base

It has been in my mind for years that an entrepreneur can only be successful if he is able to learn and grow with his company. In English and other languages, there is a lot of literature and articles on how to build a successful business, but relatively little is available in Hungarian and tailored to the Hungarian context.

Summer Turbocharge for CEOs

Join us this summer and take your company to the next level with the Summer Turbocharging for Business Leaders v2 course, where you can bring your family!

Will AI Replace Our Jobs?

Illustration: Pixabay stock photo We are living in truly groundbreaking times, even if it might not always feel that way. Artificial Intelligence has reached a

B2B Startup in sustainability – Why?

According to a recently published UN study we are currently using 1,75 times more resources than what we have available. This is clearly not sustainable.

Are entrepreneurs made or born?

This question has preoccupied theorists and practitioners ever since Schumpeter started to theorize about innovation and entrepreneurship at the beginning of the last century.

Validating an idea

Inspiration when thinking about a new startup idea is key to the creative process. Here are some methods that can help you generate ideas. Let’s

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