STRT news

A lot has happened since we were founded at the beginning of the year. We’ve launched our free Knowledge Base, started the STRT Academy, held courses in Hungary and Transylvania, and are booming with investment.
We’ve now become part of the Universe, Petwisecare and Calibur from Among the Sharks, joined the Brancs campaign on the Capital Portal and most recently invested in Tailfin Could, which has also been a Y Combinator.
To see our full portfolio, click here.

And the biggest step for us in the last six months is that last week the BSE approved our Information Document, which is the most important milestone before listing. So we are now embarking on our second round of fundraising in full swing. Exciting times!

Summer Supercharging for Business Leaders v2
The 3-day intensive Turbocharging event will be hosted this time at the Prémium Hotel Panorama on the shores of Lake Balaton. What makes these 3 days so special is that, in addition to learning, we also organise joint activities where you can relax with us.
Topics such as goals, dreams, delegation, time management, burnout, stress, growth, salary, motivation, customers, sales, marketing, brand, finance, exit, business value, strategy, stuck work and this year’s hot topics AI and ChatGPT will be discussed. There’ll be office yoga, boat trips, dinners and great conversations with business leaders like you.

“The presentations were well thought out and demonstrated a wealth of professional experience. I have never seen such a comprehensive, high quality training in this field, illustrated with so many examples. Besides the training, the organisation was exemplary” – Dóra Czapári Turcsiné

If you want to move up a level, this is the place for you, apply!

Transylvanian Angel Investing Course
During our recent courses and presentations in Transylvania, several participants asked why we don’t offer another training course, the Angel Investing course and workshop for Transylvanian entrepreneurs.
On the way home we stopped for lunch at the wonderful Haller Castle and the plan was born. At the end of August, Petya will perform at the Hungarian Days in Cluj, followed by the first Transylvanian Angel Investing courseat Haller Castle on 22-23 August. This is an exclusive, intimate, small group event (max 15 people) for current and future angel investors who are interested and attracted by the startup world, but who are aware that it is a very complex and risky game and want to understand the rules of the game before they burn too much money. The application is now open, more information here.

Hope to see you this summer!

Petya Balogh and the STRT team