One of our most important basic theses is that the entrepreneurial and managerial path is a path of learning. When we start, not only the organisation, but also ourselves, are not “ready”. The bottleneck to the development of our company will never be the market, competitors or suppliers, but ourselves. And if we grow and learn, our company will grow too. Therefore, one of the pillars of our mission is to teach, to share knowledge. The courses below are all niche courses in their field – based on over 95% ratings and feedback from hundreds of previous participants.

Come and learn to build a company with us!

Shooting course

Want to start a startup but don’t know where to start? Tired of your boss’s image and decided to be your own boss? Was your New Year’s resolution to start your own business? Then this is for you!

Turbocharging course

For business leaders and startup founders with a few years of leadership experience who want to learn, become better and more aware through new perspectives, grow and develop with their company. If a company is not developing and growing every year, it is not the market, not the team, but the leader who is stuck. Ourselves. And until we find the next step within ourselves, we cannot move on. Come with me and let’s level up! Let’s spend three days together, exploring the key challenges and solutions to building a business!

Starting up course

You’ve already launched your startup. You may have already raised capital. And like the Titanic met the iceberg, your master plan met reality. And slowly, painfully, in small steps, you have realised that there is no straight line to success. It turns out that the decade ahead holds fewer hiccups and more struggles than the startup career model brochure suggested. The American bestseller books, the university meet-ups, the tell-all articles somehow don’t fit the sitcom.

Angel Investing Course

For current and future angel investors who are interested and attracted by the world of startups, but are aware that it is a very complex and risky game and want to understand the rules of the game better before burning too much money.
Investment managers of institutional investors who want to gain a better understanding of the market, the ecosystem outside their own firm and be more successful in their work with new perspectives, practical knowledge and a greater understanding of the field.

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